The Girl Behind the Words

Hello, bonjour, hola, 안녕하세요, and welcome to Hannah, International!

The Girl

My name is Hannah and I am currently 24 years old, from the UK and a university graduate with a BSc Hons degree in French and Spanish.

I have a passion for languages, having studied French and Spanish for over 10 years, German at a beginners level, and even teaching myself Korean. I’ve tried several other languages including Japanese, Mandarin and Greek, and who knows whether I might pick them back up again in the future! I like to be able to communicate with people with ease, and I feel a little lost in a country where I cannot speak the language.

Aside from languages, I am an avid reader, enjoy singing, baking and cooking (and eating my wares!), and you will often find me watching (and crying at or obsessing over) Game of Thrones, a Korean drama series or the Great British Bake Off.

The Blog

I started Hannah, International in November 2013 to track my year abroad during university, but over the years since my year abroad has ended it has transformed into a place where I can share my life and everything in it. Post by post, I am documenting my life, recounting my travels, my cultural and culinary experiences and anything else I wish to share.

I hope you enjoy reading my updates. I certainly enjoy writing them!