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Hannah International is an expat lifestyle and travel blog, currently based in Seoul, South Korea. I am happy and open to working with brands, organisations and, bloggers and other individuals on reviews, sponsored posts and guest posts, as well as brand ambassadorship and giveaways. To maintain the integrity of Hannah International, I will only accept opportunities that I feel align with myself, my blog and my audience, but if you have a great idea that you think would work really well on Hannah International, or you’d just like some more information, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at!


I am happy to accept products for review. Depending on the product/experience, the review will be posted either on this blog or on my Instagram account. This can be discussed, just drop me an email.

Sponsored Posts

I accept opportunities for sponsored posts, and am open to negotiation on rates and topics. If you have a great opportunity that you think would go perfectly on Hannah International, please get in touch. Please see my disclaimer at the bottom of this page for information on how I approach sponsorships.

Guest Posts

Hannah International is also open for guest posting, but as with all my opportunities these must be appropriate for my blog. If you have something to say that you think would fit better on my blog than yours, or you have a great idea that you think would benefit you and I alike, please get in touch via email.

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All photos used on this site are my own, unless stated otherwise.
To maintain the integrity and relevance of Hannah, International I will only work with brands and bloggers that align with my personal interests, my blog’s theme and my audience’s interests.
All posts including sponsored or gifted content will state as such at the bottom of the article, be tagged #ad, and will be marked with an asterisk (*) next to said product/service in the body of the post. Sponsorship will not affect my views of a product and as thus all opinions and reviews posted are my own and honest.